Rutland County Seniors History Site
This site has been designed to run in parallel to the main Seniors WEB site
  Designed to cover historical subjects and photos of events over the years since it’s inauguration. The purpose is to leave the main site uncluttered to deal with current events. To return to the main site click the “Other Sites” tab above and then Seniors Main Site.
The original site was set up in 2004 and since then great advances have been made in the the software that we use to design our sites, we are therefore taking the opportunity in the design of this site to learn new skills to enable us to upgrade our main site at a later date. We hope you enjoy this site and welcome any comments.
Terry Loomes the current designer of this site 16
  December 2015
Brian Kirby WEB Master of the main Seniors WEB Site since 2010.
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