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A Bogey Competition.  A hole is won, lost, or halved. A hole is won by having a net score better than par. A hole is lost by have a net score worse than par. A hole is halved by having a net score equal to par. Strokes to be taken as per index. On the score card a win to be shown with a + , a loss to be shown with -, a half to be shown with a 0 . (record gross score on your card and the computer for each hole). The marker shall be responsible for the marking of the correct number of strokes at each hole.
Constitution Seniors
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Four Ball
Is played in 2 teams of 2 players. All players play their own ball for the entire hole (therefore 4 balls). The lowest of the 2 scores per team will count as the team score. This format is also known as 2-person Best Ball or Better Ball.


In a team of 2, players will hit alternate shots until the hole is finished. Player 1 hits the tee shot, player 2 hits the next shot, player 1 the next and so on. On the next hole, player 2 hits the tee shot, player 1 the next, etc. In effect, one player will tee off on the even holes and one player will tee off on the odd numbered holes, which is why this format is also known as Odds & Evens.
Seniors Championship
Texas Scramble
Winter Eclectic
Yellow Peril
This is an electronic version of the revised rules for the Seniors' Championship. A hard copy, signed by both Simon Gauntley and Gerry McIntyre has been posted on the noticeboard in the men's changing room.    Click here to view.
This is a stroke play competition played  in teams of three players, the handicap allowance, taken from the team’s gross score at the end of the round, is 10% of the team’s combined playing handicaps. E.g. total gross score = 84 minus 10% of (12+18+22 = 52 10% = 5.2) = 78.8. Record this as the net score. All players tee off on all holes, a minimum of 5 tee shots, drives, per player must be used as explained below. The team then selects the drive to be used and marks the position with a tee peg six inches from the ball not nearer the hole. The other players then retrieve their balls. All players then play with 300 mm (12 inches) of the tee peg, not nearer the hole, in any order the ball being placed on the fairway, but must be dropped from any other area, including hazards. The above method of play is followed until the green is reached. On the green the same method applies. The ball chosen is marked and all players putt from that spot in any order. Each player marks his ball after putting. Play continues from each position until the ball is holed. If a player putts and misses and then inadvertently knocks the ball into the hole, that score counts. The teams gross score for each hole should be marked on the score card in the right hand side “Points” column. The player who’s drive was used is marked in the A, B and C players column as (1) to (5) indicating how many of his drives have been used. Click here to see a typical completed score card. The score card to be signed by two members of the team.
1.  The competition will be played on the designated Tuesdays during the winter 2018 / 19.  It is a handicap stroke play (medal) competition for the Senior Section Winter Cup with prizes also for the 2nd  & 3rd  place players. 2. It will run in parallel with the Roll Up Stableford played from the Blue Tees. Players do not have to participate in both competitions but must compete within the Roll Up organization in order to submit an eclectic card. 3. The eclectic format selects the players best score on each hole from all the rounds played and from the gross total score for all 18 holes. The nett score is calculated by deducting half of the players official playing handicap on the final day of the competition. In the event of ties normal stroke play countback rules apply. 4. The appropriate entry fee must be paid before any cards can qualify for entry.  However unlike past years there is no restriction on the number of cards which can be taken into account (previously maximum 10).  Accordingly once the entry fee has been paid the player’s cards will automatically be included in the competition and there is no need to either note the card or signify the intention to submit a competition card before teeing off as in the past. 5. All cards must be fully signed. Note: This is a stroke play competition and a score must eventually be returned for each hole before a qualifying nett score for the competition can be calculated. Scores for completed holes in an incomplete round still qualify for the eclectic, subject to the rules above. Scores on temporary greens do not qualify for the eclectic. Rules updated September 2018
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